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3 Most Crucial Documents to Check When You Are Looking For Offices to Rent!

When you are investing in commercial property, or you are renting one, it is vital for you to be clear about the legalities of the property. You must be assured that the property is legally appropriate and you do not have any problem in the future after you have finalised the property. It may be useful to maintain a dedicated checklist to ensure that you are on the safe side. It is also essential to have a conversation with the owner directly and not only depend on the office brokers.

Here are some documents you must check before you finalise offices to rent in Crawley:

  • Title deed

This document is the most important document for you to check when you are investing in a particular property. See that the titles are mentioned. If you find any difference, it is vital to check with your lawyers at once.

  • The approval plan

See that the authorities approve the whole building. A building which might be unapproved might have future consequences of getting entangled into property disputes and court proceedings.

  • Tax Clearance

Check with the owner of the property that all the taxes of the building are cleared and up to date. You must ask for the receipts which are latest so that the credential of the owner is proved.

  • Sanction area and physical area

Physically check that the sanction plan and the actual building are same and no illegal extensions have been built.

KBA is one of the most competent commercial property consultants in Crawley. We help you by checking all the valid and legal documents of a particular commercial property before presenting it to you. We have an expert legal team always working to ensure the security of your investment.